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    • Digital Menu Board Solutions

      Our 3 tiers of Digital Menu Board Technologies were developed specifically for food service applications, by menu board experts. All 3 are easy, cost-effective solutions that allow you to keep your prices, products and promotions up-to-date. We even have a Simplicity™ Mobile App that works off your Smartphone or Tablet.

      All of our digital solutions can be tailored to fit your needs, including individual installation, scalable networks, full-digital or hybrid systems and streaming content. 

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      • Simplicity™ Pro
      • Simplicity™ Pro

        Content creation and its successful deployment are the cornerstone of a rock solid digital menu board installation. We understand the unique requirements of a first class in-store food service marketing communication system. 

        Simplicity™ Pro offers the ease of facilitating content changes within 3 clicks of a mouse. Template layouts are customized, unique and reflective of your brand, as well as pre-populated with your menu listings, pricing and photo assets.

        Click here to learn more about Simplicity™ Pro.

      • Simplicity™ Mobile
      • Simplicity™ Mobile

        Now all of the ease. functionality and flexibility of our popular Simplicity™ Pro is mobile. Utilize 10 dynamic, pre-loaded templates to create. edit and manage your menu board content in real-time, right from the floor of your restaurant. All you need is your Smartphone or Tablet to change products, prices and promotions on the fly.

        Choosing from 10 pre-loaded Simplicity™ Mobile template layouts, professionally designed for maximum changeability, you can create hundreds of unique multi-panel menu board layouts. Use these templates to edit type, color photos, descriptions and more.

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      • Simplicity™ Enterprise
      • Simplicity™ Enterprise

        The third tier of our dynamic Digital Menu Board Solutions is Simplicity™ Enterprise. An easy, cost-effective solution that allows you to keep your prices, products and promotions up-to-date, Enterprise is ideal for limited time offers, dayparting, content regionalization, price and content updates, market testing, menu management, and perfect execution at the store level. 

        We offer system monitoring (24/7) and ongoing support services, as well as consultation and in-house design services.

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