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    • C-Store Custom Signs and Displays

      With Walmart and Target moving into smaller footprints in urban areas, and drugstore chains adding freezer cases and specialty food sections, C-stores are being forced to step it up; gone are the days of only offering cokes and smokes. Create an inviting environment - that reflects quality food and coffee choices for busy people on the go - with custom signs and solutions.

      Whether it's new exterior signage, a coffee/tea station overhaul, or a complete rebranding, we understand the power and impact the right signage can have for your C-store.

      To learn more about our Custom Signage and FaceLift™ capabilities, call 800-203-0301 or contact sales@vgs-inc.com.


      • Save thousands of dollars over traditional renovations with our FaceLift™ program. This program does not require downtime or construction and is completely cosmetic in nature, so you can rebrand your C-store quickly and effectively.

        As a full service, single-source firm we will:
        • Conduct a Signage and Design Audit
        • Create New Branded Retail Concepts
        • Design and Implement Static and Digital Menuboard Conversions
        • Makeover Point-of-Purchase, Signage and Wayfinding Systems
        • Project Manage the Process
        • Provide Installation Services