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    • Restaurant Custom Signs and Displays

      Whether you need custom freestanding displays, modular walls, exterior signage or menu boards that effectively projects your brand and quality of offerings, VGS has over 30 years of experience working with top restaurants in the nation.

      We can design, manufacture and install quality, well-branded interior and exterior custom signs, custom menu boards, large-format graphics and custom displays.

      To learn more about our Custom Signage capabilities, call 800-203-0301 or contact sales@vgs-inc.com.

      • VGS’ in-house design agency, Studio D, has the experience necessary to handle any scale design project, from a one-off specialty sign to extensive sign packages. Our unique design-build relationship allows us to create custom designs to meet any budget or requirement.

        Our designers can create more-than-unique and creative interior and exterior sign solutions. From logos, collateral, packaging, POP/POS systems and environmental graphics, Studio D provides a wide range of design services.