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    • Cart Signage

      Make the most of your sales by completely transforming your cart!

      Save thousands of dollars over traditional renovations with our FaceLift™ solution, which does not require construction and is completely cosmetic in nature. 

      To learn more about FaceLift™, call 800-203-0301 or contact sales@vgs-inc.com.


      • Easily select and order your customized branded visual marketing system of ready-to-use products and branded concepts – all designed to spark your sales.

        Select a Theme
        Select from 6 fully themed concepts designed specifically for University & College Carts. Each concept looks completely custom, but they are ready to use.

        Follow the Numbers
        Each component of your VMS has been numbered. Each Themed Concept uses that numbering system so you can easily identify what you need and easily order it.

      • Order at your Pace
        Order a complete, FaceLift™ system or buy a couple of displays at a time. With VGS, you can build your system one component at time, as you need it, when you need it, knowing that each addition will easily integrate into your program.

        Easy Updates
        Message and price updates are easy with VGS’ MagaLens® and MagAlign® Technology and VGS’ Proprietary Products are engineered to last. 

        To learn more about our Cart Creation capabilities, call 800-203-0301 or contact sales@vgs-inc.com.