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    • Transportation ADA Signage

      Complex regulations, such as the American’s with Disabilities Act (”ADA”) and local fire and building codes, require continual monitoring to insure sign systems are in compliance.

      VGS is extremely well-versed in ADA guidelines; and our extensive solutions provide us with the flexibility to combine the appropriate ADA processes and seamlessly integrate them into your overall sign program to meet virtually any environmental, aesthetic or budgetary requirement. 

      To learn more about our ADA Signage capabilities, call 800-203-0301 or contact sales@vgs-inc.com.

      • We offer a comprehensive range of ADA manufacturing processes including photo-polymer, imbedded Braille beads, sandblasting, embossed, cast resin and reverse etched metal techniques. We also work with organizations such as The Lighthouse in New York City to continually improve accessibility solutions for the visually impaired.

        VGS also offers a consulting service to help clients comply with the requirements of the ADA as well as other federal, state and local codes. If you need a signs for a new facility or are retrofitting an existing facility, VGS can provide the expertise to insure your sign program will be in compliance with all applicable laws.