Bank of Oklahoma

The Challenge

In 2010, Bank of Oklahoma Financial Corp, a $27 billion regional financial services company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, had many different types and styles of sign holders in their 400+ locations. This did not allow for visual consistency and made it difficult for BOK Marketing to plan programs, promotions and communications since a standard program did not exist across all locations.

BOK was looking to:

  • Create consistency across branches to allow for better retail communications
  • Easy changeability so messages stay fresh
  • Weave branded products into retail locations and also manage their own brand appearance
  • Develop an easy-to-manage system that allows for consistency in ordering, both centrally or locally
Customer Solution

BOK partnered with VGS on a strategy to develop a program of branded and non-branded signage and signholders to meet brand standards while achieving maximum flexibility. In 2010, the first step was non-branded signage holders – welcome signage, wall mounted signage, ceiling / window signage and countertop signage – with consistent sizes, as well as brochure holders for all locations. This was completed in 2012 at over 400 locations.

In 2011, a range of branded sign types and signage holders was also developed for rollout. These fixtures convey the variety of brands in a retail location as well as allow for department branding. In addition, the display systems provide clarity and wayfinding within each location. Additional projects also include branding for ATM locations and exterior signage.

What We Did


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