Franklin Institute: The Eatery

Bringing new life and expanding opportunities to a museum cafeteria!

The foodservice provider Levy hired VGS/Studio D to overhaul a standard cafeteria and snack shop into a brand-new contemporary brand that services the daily visitors in a more elevated fashion, and can also be a premier destination for parties and special catered events:

— The scope of work was to develop a new name and identity, and a graphics deployment strategy.

— The interior of the space was completely re-imagined taking advantage of older Air Circulation columns and perimeter walls.

— We used those assets to create dramatic columns and surrounded them with an elegant structural Spacemaker with elevated lighting and greenery over their newly constructed solid wood tables.

— The perimeter walls were addressed with textural watercolor paintings printed on sound dampening acoustical panels that block out the glazing with a modern abstract vinyl film.

— The rear cafeteria line was re-used and refaced with new wood millwork counter-fronts, hanging lights, digital menu content and fresh countertops.

— The client also added in technology to allow for fast and frictionless self-checkout lanes.

An amazing success warranting such a special educational space and venue!

Photos shot by Josipth Gaviria.

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