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FUNKO and FAO Schwarz have had a strategic partnership for years, but prior to holiday 2020 they both wanted to expand upon their existing shop within the FAO Rockefeller Center location.

Funko wanted to create an environment in the new shop that embodied elements of one of their existing stand-alone locations, featuring iconic imagery related to NYC. As time went on, the shop expanded from one shop to three continuous rooms of fun, life size characters.

VGS wrapped corners of each room in a metallic crown pattern, as well as a double-sided, multi-thickness, multi-dimensional ceiling mounted sign to create a lot of dimension. The feature pieces, however, were four double sided, multi-dimensional characters in assorted layers and materials. THE Kool-Aid Man made from multi-dimensional acrylic with sub-laminated colors and printing, Baby Yoda, Hedwig (from Harry Potter series) out of multi-dimensional, digitally printed Sintra, as well as an epic scene from the Back To The Future series featuring the DeLorean traveling through time as Marty McFly and Doc stand by.

VGS also created a wall graphic for their Paka Paka area, and a dimensional Paka Paka logo to complete the effect. Metallic graphics were then added to the front of the iconic piano fixture, with graphics of Lady Liberty, Babe Ruth and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man applied to the back. A feature column in room 1 includes the Ghostbusters firehouse, and a large dimensional cutout of Stay Puft with applied details in various thicknesses.

The shop is incredibly fun, and was executed in a span of approximately 3 weeks from final design approval. VGS fabricated all elements mentioned, as well as managed installation.

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