Biscuit Belly

Southern Fare...with a Twist

In the south, biscuits are a battleground. Though the breakfast/brunch/biscuit world is a crowded space, Biscuit Belly saw an opportunity to do something a little different.

Offering twists on the classics, and an elevated, family friendly environment (and oh by the way… delicious cocktails), Biscuit Belly encourages guests to treat themselves with “Damn good biscuits & a whole lot more”.

That being said, the space was still missing that little something extra that drove the story home. Scratch made biscuits, the tongue in cheek, don’t take yourself too seriously attitude, and above all southern hospitality need to be taken up a notch. This is where VGS/Studio D came into play.

After touring representative tours, and hearing the brand’s creators (the Coulters) talk through their vision and what makes the brand special, it was easy to see how an environmental graphics strategy could help solidify the customer journey. Creative infographics, new versions and twists on already generated “slogans”, and careful use of patterns were all part of the strategy. Following the graphics package design, VGS then executed the full graphics package and exterior signage within 7 stores and growing.

The ability of VGS/Studio D to both design the communications package AND execute (all within a budget) helped Biscuit Belly develop a new prototype that is growing substantially through franchise sales. The world is starting to see what the Coulters saw in this opportunity, and VGS is proud to have been part of the growth ongoing.

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